Accessible Voting

We are committed to aiding voters with disabilities and ensuring that everyone can exercise their right to vote. All Early Voting sites and Election Day polling places are fully accessible and supplied with equipment that helps voters with disabilities cast their ballots.

If you are a voter with a disability or need assistance, there are several voting options available to you. Read below for further information.

Assistance at the Polls

You can receive help at the polls during Early Voting or on Election Day. Your helper can assist you with marking and voting your ballot. You can choose anyone to help you except an agent of your employer or union. You can also request help from two poll workers.

When you register to vote or update your record, you can check a box on the voter registration application saying that you will need assistance. Or, when you arrive at the voting site, you can complete a short form to request assistance. Your helper will also complete a form saying they will provide you with assistance.

If you have any questions about receiving assistance, please ask the clerk at the voting site.

Voting Equipment

Accessible voting equipment is available at every Early Voting site and Election Day polling place. You can use it to mark your ballot in secret with little or no help from other people. For voters with blindness or low vision, the system has an audio feature that will read the ballot.

If you would like to use the accessibility features of the voting equipment, please ask the clerk at the voting site.


All voters can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot. With a Vote-by-Mail ballot, you can vote from the comfort of your home. You can have anyone (except an agent of your employer or union) help you mark your Vote-by-Mail ballot. However, you must sign the certificate on the envelope yourself.

Please visit our Vote-by-Mail page for information on how to request and return a Vote-by-Mail ballot.

Accessible Vote-by-Mail – Omni Ballot

Jackson County voters with disabilities can choose to use an accessible Vote-by-Mail option called Omni Ballot. This allows voters with disabilities to interact with their Vote-by-Mail ballot using screen reader technology and other accessibility tools. You can mark the choices on your ballot without assistance from another person. After marking your ballot, you will need to print it out, seal it in a signed envelope, and return it to our office by mail or Secure Ballot Intake Station.

If you are a voter with a disability and would like to use Omni Ballot to access your Vote-by-Mail ballot, you can do so by contacting us at (850)482-9652 or [email protected]. 

Voting at Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes

If you live at an assisted living facility or nursing home, you may have access to “supervised voting.” With supervised voting, election workers coordinate with the facility director to visit shortly before Election Day. When we visit, we will provide you with your Vote-by-Mail ballot and provide assistance from two election officials. 

This service is available at the request of the facility director. If you have questions about supervised voting, please contact our office at (850) 482-9652

Language Assistance

Ballots and other election documents are available in both English and Spanish. 

We use a translation hotline that can translate hundreds of languages into English. Using this service, we can provide you with assistance in your native language. This service is available over the phone, at each Early Voting site, and each Election Day polling place. If you need language assistance, please call our office or ask the clerk at the voting site. 

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