Meet Election Staff

Voter Services Director

Vickie G

Vickie Godwin is a Jackson County native and resides in Marianna, Florida with her husband of 43 years, Pastor Wallace Godwin.  Vickie has been a part of the elections team in Jackson County for 20 years serving as a poll worker or inspector in almost every precinct in the county before joining the election team full time.  Vickie embraces innovation and change and strives to model and reinforce in others the value of accountability.  Her keen organizational and customer service skills will serve her well as she serves the voters of Jackson County in her role as Voter Services Director. 

Election Services Director

Shayna Website (2)637818375524143892

Shayna Murphy is a Jackson County native who resides in Graceville, Florida with her husband, Dustin “Doodle” Murphy and their 3 year old son, Rip.  Shayna attended Marianna High School where she earned a certified nursing assistant certificate and graduated from Graceville High School in 2017.  Prior to the birth of her son, Shayna worked with pediatrician, Dr. George Sanchez.   Shayna earned her A.A. Degree in Business from Chipola College in 2023 and is continuing her studies by pursuing a B.S. in Business.  Shayna brings a youthful energy, common sense, and strong IT skills to the office.  Shayna serves as our Election Services Director.   

Administrative Services Deputy

Michaela Lowe638386046313923731

Michaela Lowe grew in neighboring Bay County, but at the age of 19 she moved with her family to England where she lived for thirteen years before returning to Bay County in 2009.  For the past eight years, Michaela has worked for the Bay County Supervisor of Elections and served in various roles before transferring to the Jackson County Supervisor of Elections office.  Michaela brought 8 years worth of knowledge and a skill set that only enhanced the level of service provided by the Jackson County SOE office.  Michaela resides in Compass Lake in the Hills with her husband, Chris, and their three "fur babies."  Michaela and her husband have seven (7) children and four(4) grandchildren.  

Voter Services Clerk

Carol Britt 44

Carol Britt is a Jackson County native and resides in Campbellton, Florida with her husband of thirty (30) years, Reginald "Pug" Britt.  Carol is a retired Sergeant with the Department of Corrections, with 30 years of service. In 2020, Carol joined the Election Team as an election worker at the polls, but was quickly transistioned to a part-time Election Worker at the elections office.  In 2023, Carol accepted a permament part-time position with the SOE office as a Voter Services Clerk.  Carol's professional demeanor and her energetic personality make for a fun day at the office.  










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