Military and Overseas Voters

Military personnel may apply for voter registration or request vote-by-mail ballots with a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), which may be obtained from a Voting Assistance Officer (VAO) or at, the web site of the Federal Voting Assistance Program.  Military voters residing within the county in which they wish to register should use the Florida Voter Registration Application. Visit to complete a voter registration application online.

Electronic Transmission of Vote-by-Mail Ballots for Absent Stateside Military and Overseas Voters

Pursuant to Rule 1S-2.030, Electronic Transmission of Absentee Ballots, an absent stateside uniformed services member or overseas voter (those with an APO, FPO or foreign address) may request and have delivered to them a vote-by-mail ballot for the upcoming election by mail, facsimile or transmitted via electronic mail.  An absent stateside military voter may return a voted ballot either by mail, in person (if he or she returns to the county of residence), or through someone else on behalf of the voter.  An overseas voter may return a voted ballot either by mail or by facsimile.  However, voted ballots may not be returned by electronic mail.


Requesting a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Electronically or by Fax  

(Visit our online Vote-by-Mail Ballot Request Service to Request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Electronically)

To request a vote-by-mail ballot electronically or by fax, the request must include the following:

  1. The name of the voter requesting the ballot.
  2. The voter’s county of legal residence in Florida.
  3. The voter’s date of birth.
  4. The voter’s signature (facsimile requests only).
  5. The last four digits of your social security number or your FL Driver's License or FL ID Card Number.
  6. One of the following:
    1. If the voter wishes the ballot to be mailed, an APO/FPO or other deliverable overseas address; or, if the voter is an absent stateside uniformed services member, a deliverable address to which the voter wishes the absentee ballot to be mailed. 
    2. If the voter wishes the ballot to be faxed, a facsimile machine number where return information will be received.
    3. If the voter wishes the ballot to be transmitted via electronic mail, the voter’s email address.

       *Note- A request for a ballot to be faxed is valid only for the upcoming election or the one election specified by the voter.

State Write-In Ballot

An overseas voter may request, not earlier than 180 days before a general election, a state write-in absentee ballot.  In order to receive a state write-in ballot, the voter must state that due to military or other contingencies that preclude normal mail delivery, the voter cannot vote a vote-by-mail ballot during the normal voting period.  The ballot will contain only the offices for which the voter is entitled to vote. The voter may designate his or her choice by writing the name of the candidate or by writing in the name of a political party, in which case the ballot must be counted for the candidate of that political party. 


Late Registration

An individual or accompanying family member who has been discharged or separated from the uniformed services or the Merchant Marine, has returned from a military deployment or activation, or has separated from employment outside the territorial limits of the United States, after the book closing date for an election, and who is otherwise qualified, may register to vote in such election until 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before that election in the office of the Supervisor of Elections.  Such persons must produce sufficient documentation showing evidence of qualifying for late registration pursuant to Section 97.0555 Florida Statutes.

Carol A. Dunaway
Supervisor of Elections
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P: (850) 482-9652

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