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The Jackson County Supervisor of Elections is looking for RESPONSIBLE, DEDICATED, and CUSTOMER SERVICE-ORIENTED individuals to assist with a VERY IMPORTANT part of the Election Process…...to become ELECTION WORKERS.



Election workers are local citizens who are registered voters that are appointed by the Supervisor of Elections to make up the “ELECTION BOARD” for each precinct.  They are responsible for the administration of election procedures in the polling place on Election Day.  Election workers are sworn to see that the election process is administered fairly, efficiently, and according to FLORIDA STATUTES and FEDERAL LAWS.  Being a election worker is a very important part of the election process, and each worker must understand and follow all election laws and procedures.


            A Election Worker Application must be completed and returned to the Supervisor of Elections office.  When the application is received, the information will be added to our file of those willing to serve.  Election workers are chosen to work a specific election by their availability, skill set, and willingness to travel.  The number of election workers for each election is determined by the size of the election and the expected voter turnout.  Election workers serve at the will of the Supervisor of Elections and may be removed at any time, with or without cause.   


When an applicant is selected to work, they will be notified by mail or e-mail showing the assigned job and precinct and the date and time of the mandatory training class they must attend. The Supervisor of Elections will attempt to appoint workers to their voting precinct; however, to meet the needs of the election, workers may be appointed to a different precinct. 


YES!  All selected election workers are REQUIRED to attend a training class (Florida Statues 102.012.8) before each election.  Before each election, workers are selected according to the size of each election and expected voter turnout .  Our office will send each worker a letter with information of the date, time, and location of the mandatory training class.

Florida law requires a minimum number of hours of training:  Clerks and Evid Supervisors are required to attend a 3-4 hour class; EViD Inspectors are required to attend a 2-3 hour class; Deputies and Voting Equipment Operator attend a 2-hour class.

Note: ALL election workers (experienced and first-time workers) MUST attend a training class before each election if selected to work.

Note:  If a worker is selected and cannot work the election, they MUST inform the elections office immediately so that another worker can be notified and trained.


  •  Be a citizen of the United States and a registered voter of Jackson County.
  •  Be able to speak, read, and write the English language.
  •  Be able to sit or stand for long periods of time and assist in the set up and break down of the polling room, and assist the Clerk as needed.
  •  Be able to begin work at 6:00a.m. Election Day and stay until all work is completed, approximately 14 hours. (Voting hours are 7a.m. to 7p.m. on   Election Day).
  •  MUST attend a mandatory training class before each election.
  • Be comfortable learning new technology and reading and following technical instructions.
  • MUST be able to deal with the public and co-workers in a courteous, patient, and efficient manner.
  • Assist voters with special needs or disabilities with extra patience and diligence.
  • Have transportation to the polling place and poll worker training classes and be on time.
  • Each worker should bring all food, beverages, and medications needed for the day, as you will not be allowed to leave except in an emergency.  (Workers cannot return if they leave.)
  • MUST refrain from any comments or discussion concerning a voter, a voter’s party preference, a candidate, or an issue on the ballot with either a voter or fellow poll worker while working at the polls.  Workers MUST remain nonpartisan while working.


      If you are interested and can perform the duties and responsibilities as outlined above, please complete and application. 




Precinct Clerk:

  • The Precinct Clerk (Clerk) is in charge of the precinct and will attend training for 4 hours maximum.
  • The Clerk will instruct EViD Supervisors on the setup of Ballot Tabulation System (DS200) and Express Vote (AVS).
  • Maintains all paperwork at the polling location.  
  • Will ensure the precinct is closed properly and returns election materials to the office on election night.
  • Oversees the precinct and should have good supervisory skills
  • Must be able to answer questions from the voters and assist them in a respectful and courteous manner.  
  • Responsible for picking up and returning the precinct supplies
  • Assigns duties to workers as necessary
  • Shall demonstrate a working knowledge of the laws and procedures relating to voter registration, voting system operation, balloting and polling place procedures,
  • It is mandatory the Clerk return voted ballots and certain supplies to the Supervisor of Elections Office the night of the election and be accompanied by another election worker.

EViD Supervisor:

  • The EViD Supervisor will assist the Clerk with duties and will attend training for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • The EViD Supervisor will be following instructions from the Clerk, performing duties of the Clerk or Inspector in case of absence.
  • The EViD Supervisors, along with the Clerk, are responsible for the setup of the Ballot Tabulation System (DS200) and Express Vote (AVS).

EViD Inspector:

  • The Inspector will attend the Inspector Training (3 hours maximum).
  • The Inspector follows instructions from the Clerk,
  • Checks in voters, verifies voter information on voter check in system, and verifies I.D. and signature.
  • The Inspector is responsible for issuing the ballot to the voter.


  • The Deputy maintains good order at the polling place and will attend the Deputy Training (2 hours).
  • The Deputy is deputized by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and follows instructions from the Clerk. 
  • The Deputy will set up the Notice Board displaying Sample Ballots, Election Information and will correctly place Precinct Signs in and out of the polling location.
  • The Deputy officially opens the polls and closes the polls, greets, and assists the voters into the polling place, reports any issues to the Clerk.

Voting Equipment Operator:

  • The Voting Equipment Operator is responsible for ensuring the voter is able to cast their ballot in the Ballot Tabulation System (DS200)
  • Troubleshoots any Tier 1 problems and works with the Clerk on higher level issues
  • Ensures voting booths are kept clean and clear of trash and anything left behind by a voter,
  • Issues the "I-voted "stickers to exiting voters and other duties the Clerk may assign. 


  • Stand-By workers are “back-up” election workers who are assigned to fill vacancies on an emergency basis.
  • They must be willing to work any precinct and be on-call from 6 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. election day.
  • Do not report to a polling place unless contacted by the Elections office. 


YES! Workers selected to work Election Day are paid!  There are no volunteer positions. 

All Precinct Election Workers receive the following rate of pay for a 14-hour Election Day.(6 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Clerks - $217

**Clerks are also paid mileage for picking up and returning ballots and supplies.

EViD Supervisors - $189

EViD Inspectors- $189

Voting Equipment Operators- $189

Deputies - $189

Stand-By - $50     

Note:   Election Workers are paid for attending training classes ONLY if the work the election schedule they are assigned  or if they are assigned as a stand-by election worker.

***Every election worker position is essential on Election Day.  Any person selected to work must mark their calendars and keep those days clear of any other appointments, if possible.   If a selected election worker is unable to work on any Election Day, our office must be notified immediately so that we may have time to appoint and train another worker. 


Complete and return an application to:




2851 Jefferson Street


PH# 850-482-9652     FAX# 850-482-9102









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Carol A. Dunaway
Supervisor of Elections
Jackson County

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