FAQs- Presidential Preference Primary

What Is the Presidential Preference Primary?

The Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) is part of how political parties select presidential candidates.

In the PPP, voters registered with either the Democratic or Republican parties vote for the presidential candidate they want to represent their party in the General Election.

Who Is on my PPP Ballot?

There is only one contest on the PPP ballot - which presidential candidate you want to represent your party in the General Election.

The candidates that will appear on the ballot are designated by the Florida Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Florida. The names on the ballot were certified in December 2023. The Democratic Party submitted only one candidate therefore, the 2024 PPP will be for Republican voters only.

View Your Sample Ballot

Once available, you can use the Voter Information Lookup to view your sample ballot and see exactly what candidates will be on your ballot.

How Your Party Affects Your Ballot

The choices that appear on your PPP ballot depend on your political party. This is how your party will affect your PPP ballot:

  • If you are registered with the Democratic Party, your ballot will only list Democratic candidates for president.
  • If you are registered with the Republican Party, your ballot will only list Republican candidates for president.
  • If you are registered with a minor party or no party, there is nothing for you to vote on in the PPP.

Why Should I Vote in the PPP?

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities of U.S. citizens. The PPP is an important part of how we select the next President of the United States. When you vote in the PPP, you get to take part in selecting who will lead our country.

When Is the PPP?

The PPP is only held in presidential election years. Florida’s next Presidential Preference Primary election is on March 19, 2024.

How Do I Register to Vote for the PPP?

Registering to vote is easy! Visit our Voter Registration page to get started.

If you are already registered but you need to make a change, visit our Update Voter Registration page.

Voter Registration Deadline

The voter registration and party change deadline for the 2024 PPP is February 20, 2024. You must register to vote by this day in order to cast a ballot in the PPP.

If want to change your party, you must make the change by this day for the change to be in effect for the PPP.

Where Can I Learn About Voting in the PPP?

You can vote in the PPP using any of these methods. Click on the links to learn more about each way you can cast your ballot.

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